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For more information about the Ambassador Program or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Lysa Gamboa-Levy at weaverambassadors@gmail.com


“I’ve learned to stand up and speak up when I see another student bullying or saying inappropriate things about another student.  I let them know the behavior is wrong and how it makes other students feel.  I would recommend this program to others because by working together in our community, we can make a difference in the world.”
– Mikaela M. 


In 2004, the Weaver Ambassador program was created to replace the student council. All fifth grade students are invited to participate but must complete an application and provide a letter of recommendation.  

Click here for the 2014-15 Ambassadors calendar.

The Ambassador Program empowers students by providing them with the opportunity to develop leadership, team building, human relations and communication skills. Students make a commitment to lead by example, demonstrate respect and responsibility, and engage in community service. 

Students will:  

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of effective human relations, valuing diversity, and practicing inclusion.

  • Attend and participate in sessions to build their skills, knowledge, and resources in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Team Building, and Community Service.

  • Apply their training to real world experiences that have a direct affect on both our school community and the community at large. 

The Ambassador Program brings value to the entire school community by:

  • Providing positive role models

  • Promoting positive and healthy relationships

  • Creating a safe school culture and climate 

Program Components
Students generally meet after school once a month from 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. 
Core components of the program include: Advocacy, Bullying Prevention, Character Development, Communication, Conflict Management, Community Service, Human Relations, Leadership Development and Public Speaking.

In addition to the sessions, the students engage in an on-campus leadership retreat, learn from guest speakers, attend field trips and support school activities and events. 

Community Service
A major component of the program is to engage students in community service. Students are encouraged to put their leadership knowledge and skills into action through various community service “jobs” and projects. The jobs are created based on the needs of the school and students are required to fulfill their job duties for the school year. School staff or parent volunteers serve as supervisors and students must attend a job orientation to review their roles and responsibilities prior to starting their job. Students are required to sign in and attendance and job performance are monitored. 

The Ambassadors also sponsor school-wide projects that benefit others at a local, community or global level.