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Celebrate with books

What is Celebrate with Books?
It’s a way to celebrate your child’s birthday at school.

Reminder: Birthday celebrations are not permitted during the school day.  Treats for the classroom are also not permitted.
How do I sign up?
Fill out the order form and submit a check for $15.00 made out to Weaver PTA. Drop it off in the Celebrate with Books box in the front office by 15th of each month. (November is due by 10/17/16 & June is due by 5/15/17) We suggest you submit the form now so that you don’t miss this great opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday. 
What happens after I submit the form?
We choose a book based on the subjects you checked that would best interest your child.  We add a permanent dedication to the inside of the book and celebrate their special day in front of the whole school.
How do you celebrate it?
1st-5th graders will be celebrated at flag ceremony on the dates below.  Corky, our school mascot and the Celebrate with Books party crew will bring them up on stage to announce to the entire school about their birthday.  Kinders will be celebrated in their own classroom until their class joins flag ceremony.  Then all grades will be celebrated together.
What happens to the book?
Your child gets to take the book home to share with their family and is asked to bring it back the following week to donate it to the media center.  This allows all students a chance to read the book and see who was celebrated.  It’s a chance to make their mark in the school library forever.

  • July & August birthdays will be celebrated on 8/26/16

  • September birthdays will be celebrated on 9/30/16

  • October & November birthdays will be celebrated on 11/4/16

  • December & January birthdays will be celebrated on 1/27/17

  • February birthdays will be celebrated on 2/24/17

  • March birthdays will be celebrated on 3/31/17

  • April birthdays will be celebrated on 5/5/17

  • May & June birthdays will be celebrated on 5/26/17

*If the flag ceremony is cancelled for any reason we will celebrate the following month