Elementary PTA

We need you!  We are looking for volunteers for the day of the event.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact your OSBC Volunteer representative and Fit-A-Thon Chair, Sandy Turner.



The Fit-A-Thon is a school-wide fundraising program designed to earn supplemental money to subsidize our LAUSD Outdoor Science School.

The Fit-A-Thon will take place on Wednesday, April 22nd.  Every participating student will engage in a variety of physical activities at several "stations" that will be set up on the grass.  Please have your child wear tennis shoes, sunscreen, and comfortable clothing on the day of the event.  

Outdoor Science School is a 5-day camp that teaches students about ecology, geology, astronomy, and other science topics.  Due to budget constraints, the OSS program in neighboring districts has been temporarily suspended.  The survival of our LAUSD Outdoor Science School program depends on each family supporting the program.

Last year, OSBC wrote a check for $57,911 to subsidize our district's Outdoor Science Camp.  Even with the fundraising from all the Fit-A-Thons and the 5th grade contributions, OSB took a $31,000 hit to our bank account.  Luckily, we live in a very generous district, and prior's year's fundraising was able to cover this large discrepancy.   We need to make every effort to ensure this wonderful program continues in our district.

A donation for the fundraiser can be made in any amount.  OSBC fundraising is not for the current fifth grade class.  The fundraising ensures participation for FUTURE fifth graders.

Students with a $25 minimum donation will receive a food certificate.