Elementary PTA

meet the masters


Meet the Masters is an art enrichment program brought to the school through our PTA fundraising. Five artists are highlighted throughout each year. Assemblies are held to teach the students about the life and artistic style of each artist.  Each assembly will introduce the master artist to the children via slides, prints, props, and audio games. An art element will be learned with each master artist, for example: texture, shape, color, value, line, etc.

The morning of the assembly, parent volunteers attend In-service Trainings in Kid’s Korner (for no more than 1 hour) and are trained in an art project reflecting the work of the featured artist. (No artistic background is necessary!) Within a week of the assembly the volunteers teach the project they have been trained in, to the students, in the student's classroom.

Our schedule of Inservice Trainings for the year will take place from

8:25-9:25am on the following Thursdays in Kid’s Korner:

October 12, 2017:  Andy Warhol
November 2, 2017:  Faith Ringgold
January 11, 2018:  Paul Cezanne
February 8, 2018:  Gustav Klimt

March 8, 2018:  Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Volunteers will coordinate with their teachers and sign up for a scheduled time slot to teach the art lesson to their class. All of the supplies needed will be stored in Winkos, ready and available to teach the session. Volunteers will help prepare the classroom before the lesson, pass out supplies, assist the students in terms of direction and technique, and replenish and return supply baskets to the supply closet.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the volunteer list, please e-mail Lisa Massoumi or Michiko Inanaga.