The Class Act program is a partnership between The Pacific Symphony and Weaver. Our school has a "Musician in Residence" assigned for the school year who comes and teaches all students (by classroom) about his/her instrument as well as about the Symphony selected composer of the year.

The program encompasses the following events throughout the year: 

1. Prelude Assembly 

The kick off event for the symphony program. Student assemblies are held by grade levels (usually in January) to introduce the students to our new “Musician in Residence” and our composer of the year. A Pacific Symphony storyteller is also present who narrates the assemblies and tells stories about the life and music of the composer of the year. This project is coordinated and staffed by the chairperson and two (2) assistant parent coordinators. Refreshments are provided in the green room for the Symphony staff. 

2. Classroom Lessons 

The Musician in Residence gives individual instruction (by classroom) to each student. These lessons are held in the music room and usually run from January through March. This project is coordinated by the Chairperson, and Weaver's two (2) teacher representatives. All lessons are staffed by the Chairperson and two (2) assistant parent coordinators. Bottled water and snacks are provided at each lesson for the musician. 

3. Family Night Concert

This is the Concert held annually (usually in March or April) at McGaugh Elementary. It is performed by our “Musician in Residence” and other guest members of the Pacific Symphony. It is a FREE CONCERT to all Weaver families, staff and friends. There is a musician meet and greet reception with refreshments held immediately following the concert. Musician appreciation gifts and symphony staff appreciation flowers are presented. This project is coordinated by the Chairperson and two (2) assistant parent volunteers, as well as the two (2) Weaver teacher representatives and Weaver Ambassadors. 

4. Pacific Symphony Concert Field Trip 

This field trip is when all students attend a live Pacific Symphony Concert at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa. The field trip is divided into two (2) attendance dates, K-2 and 3-5. This field trip is coordinated by the Chairperson, our principal and the two (2) teacher coordinators. Performance attendances are staffed by our principal, Weaver teachers and one (1) parent volunteer from each classroom. 

5. Bravo Assembly 

This is the final event for the Class Act season, and it is Weaver's turn to give back. This event is a school-wide assembly (held in June) that is all about honoring and appreciating our “Musician in Residence”. Each grade level performs an artistic piece (dance, song, poetry, short story, etc.) based on the knowledge they have learned from our musician throughout the year. This event is coordinated and staffed by the Chairperson and two (2) assistant parent coordinators. The teacher coordinators are responsible for all Weaver staff participation and student performance aspects of the assembly. Each individual Weaver teacher is responsible for their classroom rehearsals. A presentation plaque and hat are presented to the “Musician in Residence” as well as coordinator appreciation gifts. 


Part of our obligation to the Symphony (in exchange for their participation with our school) is that Weaver provide a total of 15 volunteers each year to assist at designated Pacific Symphony events. Usually we provide these volunteers at the Symphony's Saturday Family Concerts on two (2) separate volunteer dates. There are usually seven (7) volunteers on one date, and eight (8) volunteers on the next date. It is usually the Chairperson and the two (2) assistant coordinators as well as additional volunteer Weaver parents who staff these concerts. We always greatly appreciate volunteers for these events! 


Monetary donations to cover “specialized” materials are appreciated. 

About the Pacific Symphony Orchestra

The Pacific Symphony Orchestra was founded in the year 1978, in California. It is one of the largest orchestras that was formed in the United States. In the last thirty years, the orchestra is recognized as an outstanding symphony in the cultural community and is regarded as one of the third largest orchestras in California. The Symphony is led by music director Carl St.Clair. About the orchestra, The Los Angeles Times has said, 'St.Clair has become a significant musical leader in his years on this ‚as a result of his bold orchestra-building, his growing mastery of the repertory and his expanding astuteness at the art of programming.' Under the directorship of St.Clair, the orchestra has recently concluded its first European tour, thus expanding its reach to an international level.

The Symphony present some of its soulful and melodious musical compositions with repertoire that ranges from the orchestral masterworks to the music of the famous composers of present times and are highlighted by the annual American Composers Festival. The Christian Science Monitor has said, 'with the American Composers Festival, the Pacific Symphony has lifted the baton on an unprecedented initiative to explore the impact of non-European sounds on Western music. This marks the Symphony as a leader in contemporary classical music.' Along with the concerts the Symphony will also features some of the best-attended Pops series which will be performed by an orchestra in the United States, and chamber music, chamber orchestra and family concerts series.

The Pacific Symphony has played a great role in the growth of the performing arts in Orange County. It presents more than eighty concerts per year and also many educational and community programs and reaches to all the citizens of the country.

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