• Did you know, Weaver PTA sponsors ALL of the following programs and events at Weaver? PTA is an all-volunteer organization, and needs your help to make these programs successful – Join PTA today, volunteer and support our kids!


Rachel’s Reading Garden – A reading sanctuary at Weaver

The reading garden is a serene spot for students to read independently, with friends or with others including their classmates. Our all-volunteer crew maintains the garden on a weekly basis by mowing, weeding, watering, and ensuring that the plants continue to thrive.

Reading Incentive – Encouraging students to read

The Reading incentive program is designed to encourage our students to develop a love of reading. Students keep a daily reading log each month and have an opportunity to earn prizes individually as well as by class. Once a month, parents dress up as Superheroes and participate in Friday Flag Ceremony by motivating and encouraging students to read.

Giving Tree – Celebrating student birthdays at school

Celebrating student birthdays at Weaver is fun and easy!  Student birthdays are announced each week at flag ceremony and once a month books and a customized bookmark are distributed by the principal. Parents have an opportunity to recognize and honor their child by making a donation in advance to this program. Children also receive a special leaf that is added to the Giving Tree in the Media Center. 



Meet the Masters – Art enrichment at Weaver 

Meet the Masters highlights five artists throughout the school year. Through assemblies and art projects, students learn about the life and artistic style of each artist. Art projects are taught by parent volunteers in each classroom, focusing on an artistic element such as texture, shape, color, value, and line.

Pacific Symphony Class Act Program– Music Appreciation

The Class Act program is a year-long partnership between The Pacific Symphony and Weaver. Our school has a "Musician in Residence" assigned for the school year who comes to school and teaches all students (by classroom) about his/her instrument as well as about the Symphony’s selected composer of the year. In the Spring, students in grades 2 – 5 also have an opportunity to attend a concert at Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts as part of this dynamic program.

Reflections – Art Expression & Recognition Program

The Reflections program allows students to submit an entry to be judged in one of the following artistic categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts. Artwork may be recognized at the local, state, and national levels. Volunteer Chairs work in partnership to promote the program, coordinate collection of art pieces and all the details of entries and recognition of awards following the judging.

Imagination Machine- Creative Writing Program brought to Life

All students participate by writing a creative story as directed by the teacher in their classroom. One original story from each grade level is selected and performed by actors during an assembly for the entire school.


STEAM Fair and Interactive Science Presentation

Students have the opportunity to create unique science projects/experiments or to research scientific inquiries which are presented at Weaver’s annual STEAM Fair.  In collaboration with LAHS Growing Up STEM club, the students bring hands on labs onto Weaver’s campus for a Science Night.

LEGO WeDo Program

PTA has partnered with FOW to bring the LEGO WeDo program to Weaver.  It is a robotics hardware and software platform that teaches students the 4 C’s process – Connect to a Story, Construct a model, Contemplate its function, and Continue improving its design.  Volunteers are needed to assist with the instruction during STEAM time. 

Raspberry Pi Program

The Raspberry Pi program is another program made possible through a partnership with PTA and FOW. It enables students to explore computing and learn how to program with Scratch. Parent volunteers go into the classrooms and teach/assist with the Raspberry Pi Computer Program.



Ice Cream Social/Movie Night (August 23, 2019)

Weaver kicks off the school year with an Ice Cream Social and Movie Night under the stars. This is a wonderful opportunity for families to come together in a casual setting to socialize, bond and to enjoy an evening of fun and enjoyment in a relaxing setting. Parent volunteers coordinate all the details and work as a team to help serve ice cream and ensure the success of the event.

Jog-A-Thon (September 25, 2019)

Jog-A-Thon has become a signature event at Weaver in which students reach out to family and friends to raise money for their participation in running laps around a track in a fun-filled fitness day. This is one of Weaver’s primary PTA fundraisers of the year which supports the funding of a variety of programs and opportunities for enrichment for the students throughout the school year. This event is led by a volunteer chair/co-chairs and a team of parents who coordinate all the details of this dynamic event.

Red Ribbon Week (October 21-25, 2019)

This parent coordinated event highlights a week of activities designed to encourage awareness and drug prevention.

Carnival (October 25, 2019)

PTA’s biggest event of the year features an all-school Carnival which includes game booths, attractions, rides, and food and endless opportunities for fun. This parent-led event takes a village and labor of love to coordinate and implement. It’s a wonderful way in which to become involved and meet other parents while truly helping to raise money to support PTA’s efforts to make Weaver a Great Place to Learn.

Book Fair (November 4-8, 2019 and May 4-8, 2020)

Twice a year Weaver partners with Scholastic Books to provide a school-wide Book Fair. Parents help in a variety of ways including overseeing the operations of the week-long event, helping students and parents to select (age-appropriate) books, run the cash registers and so much more. The Book Fair helps to promote literacy while raising funds to support reading programs and books at Weaver.

Bingo Night (May 26, 2020)

Grab your dabber and enjoy a night of good-old-fashioned fun with a casual dinner and a game of Bingo with your Weaver family and friends. Whether you’ve played 100 times or it’s your first time, this fun-filled night is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face as bingo letters and numbers are called and cards filled. This is a fun way for parents to volunteer their time and efforts in a low-key and casual night.

Summer Jam 

Celebrate the end of the school year at Weaver’s annual Summer Jam – a free outdoor concert for families featuring a live band, photo booth, food trucks, dancing, prizes and fun. Coordinated by a team of volunteers this is another signature event that has a long history of family fun.

Talent Show (May 29, 2020)

All students are invited to participate and show off their talent to the whole school at the end of the year Talent Show. Acts can be solo performances or in pairs or groups and have included singing, dancing, comedy, playing of musical instruments and so much more! Fifth-graders are also invited to do a repeat performance at the annual Summer Jam event. Orchestrated and coordinated by parent volunteers this is a wonderful way in which to become involved and work closely with the students.



Weaver Wear – School Spirit Store

Volunteers run the Weaver Wear store, selling T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and other items to promote school spirit. Look for our all-new Weaver Wear designs this school year!

First Day Photos

Volunteers take photos of ALL students and send them home on the first day of school.

Yearbook – Making Lasting Memories

The yearbook committee takes pictures throughout the school year documenting events, smiles and everyday fun and adventures then creates a beautiful book of memories for students to treasure.

Hospitality Committee

Whether it's a special event, a special guest, annual Teacher's holiday luncheon or Teacher Appreciation week, the hospitality committee’s job is to oversee all the details and coordination of cooking, baking, preparing floral arrangements, purchasing decor, or picking up and serving food at each event.

Winkos – Copy Center at Weaver

Run by a team of volunteers, Winkos is Weaver’s on-site room for teachers copying, laminating, and binding needs, and so much more. Room parents and volunteers help teachers by utilizing this work space allowing teachers to spend their time in the classroom.


4th Grade Sacramento Field trip

Students travel to Sacramento on a one-day filed trip to experience and learn first-hand about the intricacies of the government office as well as the history of California.

5th Grade Ambassadors Program – Leadership and Community Service

Ambassadors learn leadership skills as they participate as hands-on community service volunteers at Weaver, leading by example and attending engaging and educational monthly meetings.

5th Grade Activities/Promotion

A committee of PTA volunteers organizes the promotion ceremony, picnic, t-shirts, and more!

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