Each parent is asked to provide their child with a personal survival kit consisting of a one-gallon zip lock bag containing a few juice and food supplies, tissues and individually wrapped moist towelettes. These supplies will be stored in the classroom and returned to you at the end of the year. This procedure allows us to have food at the school, which is rotated yearly. Please be sure that your child's full name is clearly marked on the bag. 

Some Recommended Items for the zip-lock bag are: 
   (2) 8 Oz. Canned Fruit Juice with Pop Top and/or (2) Water Packs 
   (2) 4-1/2 Oz. Canned Fruit with Pop Top 
   (2) 3 Oz. Cans Tuna or Other Canned Lunch Meat with Pop Top 
   (2) Peanut Butter or Cheese and Cracker-Type Snack Packages 
   (2) Granola Bars 
   (2) Plastic Spoons 
   (1) Package of Tissues 
   (6) Individually Wrapped Moist Towelettes 
   (1) Solar Blanket (Optional-- Available at sporting goods stores and Amazon) 
   (1) Miniature Flashlight with Batteries Wrapped Separately (Optional) 
   A Note to Your Child from Home, Including a Family Picture 

It would be wise to check the expiration dates on foodstuffs for shelf life. Storage inside classrooms is limited and prohibits anything larger than a one-gallon zip-lock bag. If your child requires a specific prescription daily, please contact the school health clerk.