"Those who can, Do. Those who can do more, Volunteer" - Author Unknown


Each year, we celebrate our core of parent volunteers by recognizing some of those who go above and beyond.  The Honorary Service Award (HSA), Very Special Person (VSP) Award, and Continuing Service Award (CSA) helps to support the PTA's scholarship fund. Descriptions of each award are shown below.
These parents give countless hours here at Weaver and this is our chance to recognize them and say thank you. While they are here because of their own kids, what they do helps all our students and teachers. These parents truly make a difference here at Weaver. 

Honorary Service Award (HSA): Awarded each year to a select group of PTA volunteers for exceptional dedication to our school community. An individual can only win this award once per school site.

Very Special Person Award (VSP): Occasionally awarded to a volunteer for their exceptional dedication to our school community for service outside the scope of the PTA, for example, a FOW volunteer or a staff member. An individual can only win this award once per school site. 

Continuing Service Award (CSA): This is a unique opportunity to recognize volunteers who may have previously received an HSA or VSP but continue to dedicate their time and efforts to our school community in an extraordinary way year after year.

2019-20 Honorees

  • Christine Coxhill
  • Candie Gandara
  • Brian Norris
  • Michelle Shahon
  • Nathan Searles
  • Lisa Massoumi (CSA)
  • Jeff Gritchen (VSP)
  • Kaite Gritchen (VSP)
  • Francie Ghose (VSP)

2018-19 Honorees

  • Lindsay El-Zein
  • Mai Lu
  • Ruth Anne Salau-Kurkjian
  • Jack Tanner
  • Laura Tanner
  • Kelly Das (CSA)
  • Santanu Das (VSP)
  • Laura Hall (VSP)

2017-18 Honorees

  • Kristin Dickerson 
  • Heidi Dicus 
  • Brian Maris 
  • Susan Hsieh 
  • Tracy Sturm 
  • Sandy Turner


PDF of Previous Year's Honorees