Create an exceptional learning journey! 

Weaver PTA invites you to become a voting member of our association for the 2022-2023 school year.  

Weaver PTA offers all parents and caregivers the opportunity to be part of an association that is focused on programs and initiatives that strengthen and enhance our #WeAreWeaver community.


Once you join, it is up to you how you choose to PTA!  From attending monthly meetings as a voting member to volunteering at school events, to holding PTA leadership roles - the level of involvement is up to you.


There is no wrong way to PTA!  


By joining PTA, you're simply saying, 

"Yes, I support our #WeAreWeaver community!"


PTA membership dues are just $10 per person. Most of the membership fee covers state and national dues.  Any additional tax-deductible donations cover the special events and much needed support that makes Weaver so very special!  

Thank you for your partnership and your membership this year!  Apply by clicking the link below.  



If you have any questions, please contact our Dena Shelton, Membership Chairperson at with "Membership" in your title.  


Growing the PTA allows for funding of ...

  • Fun Socials & Family Nights
  • School Wide Talent Show
  • Science Fair
  • Math Nights
  • Parent Education Series
  • PTA Reflections Contest
  • Winko's & Classroom Supplies
  • Field Trips
  • Teacher's Professional Development
  • Arts Instruction 

& so much more!


Support PTA by becoming a patron donor!


Patron Donation Levels


Bronze $25

2 Weaver Patron Car Decals


Silver $50

2 Weaver Patron Decals,

 2 Weaver Key Rings


Gold $100

2 Weaver Patron Decals,

2 Weaver Key Rings,

    Aluminum Weaver Water Bottle


Platinum $200

All Gold items


Breakfast with Dr. Schmidt November 4th

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