⦁ All yearbook orders must be made online here  

⦁ Yearbooks are $40 through Friday, March 31st.
⦁ After March 31st, yearbook price increases to $50.

⦁ Last day to order yearbooks online is Friday, April 7th.  (Purchases after this date subject to availability after books are delivered)
⦁ ALL Yearbooks are hardcover, full color, and are a great keepsake!
⦁ Contact: ⦁ with any questions.


What is a Yearbook Ad?

It’s a personal “tribute” to your student, teacher, class, staff, or student group. NO business ads, please. Ads are full color and can be hand-written or created digitally.



⦁ Ads are $5 each through Friday, March 31st, and only completed submissions will be accepted.
⦁ Absolutely NO ad orders will be accepted after Friday, April 7th.
⦁ Limit 1 ad per Weaver student. (student group leaders may place one ad per group, eg. Scouts/clubs/etc).
⦁ Business-card size (3½ inch x 2 inch), horizontal orientation. Ads cannot be combined to make larger-sized ad.
⦁ Ads will be placed on a 1st come, 1st served basis. (Space is limited.)
ALL ADS AND ARTWORK FOR ADS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY April 7th. No refunds. Any ads purchased but not submitted by the deadline are considered donations to Weaver PTA.

AD SUBMISSION BY EMAIL (If you create the Ad digitally)

⦁ Create a blank document sized exactly 3 ½ inch wide x 2 inch tall – and if using a photo editor use 400dpi resolution. (If dimensions are not exact your ad may be cropped to fit).
⦁ Have fun creating your wonderful design!
⦁ Save ad as a “.jpg” file. If you submit a Word or PowerPoint file, embed font(s) to ensure it will print the same.
⦁ Email ad to ⦁ Include your child’s first and last name, teacher & room #.


AD SUBMISSION ON PAPER (If you create the Ad on Paper)

⦁ Use the blank side of a standard white 3 ½ inch x 2inch business card (cross out the front info).
⦁ Have fun creating your wonderful design! No 3-D objects please, your design will need to be flat for scanning. (Please note if dimensions are not exact your ad may be cropped to fit).
⦁ Staple a small Ziplock bag to the top of this form and place your finished ad(s) inside.




Click below for the desired blank, pre-sized template for your ad:
Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, and jpg available.


Or, email with subject: “TEMPLATE” if you’d like a blank, pre-sized templated for your ad.


Contact: with any questions.


Each year Weaver publishes its own yearbook. This full-color hard-back book is a treasure for every Weaver student to receive at the end of the year. Throughout the year, Weaver parents submit their photos to their classroom parent liaisons who work with the Yearbook Committee to develop a beautiful memory book at a reasonable price.

The committee works very hard to show each of our 700+ students at least twice throughout the yearbook. Kids love signing each other’s books at the end of the year. Parents will also be given the option of buying a business card size memory ad in the yearbook to post a special personalized message to their students.

If you would like to help with the Yearbook Committee, please contact Susan Hsieh at