PRESIDENT – Coordinate work of officers and committees, approve all out-going letters/memos; prepare agenda and preside at all General PTA and Board Meetings. Represent Weaver at all LAUSD PTA Council Meetings, work with Treasurer to prepare annual budget, sign checks and contracts; coordinate all PTA activities with school Principal.


EXECUTIVE VP - Support President as sounding board and right arm, preside over meetings in President’s absence; help create and oversee special projects and committees.


1st VP WAYS & MEANS – Act as Liaison to the Executive Board for all income-generating committees such as: Carnival and Summer Jam.  Ensure that fundraising activities are reviewed, approved, coordinated and scheduled appropriately. Guide committee chairs as necessary to formulate a working protocol for their event and assist them in exploring options to guarantee the best financial outcome for PTA.  Maintain budget overview for these same committees and address the Board as needed with concerns or needs. Facilitate any additional fundraising events which the PTA chooses to sponsor.


2nd VP MEMBERSHIP – Organize membership campaign, prepare promotion materials, collect and tally funds, issue membership cards, order and distribute membership incentives (if any) to classrooms/teachers/families. Maintain and update membership and patron listings throughout the year and any patron-recognition displays as needed.


RECORDING SECRETARY – Prepare, post and record minutes for Executive Board and General meetings. Notify board members of any meeting changes or interim meetings scheduled by the President. Make meeting date changes available to the public per Bylaws timeline. Maintain files of official documents including the By-Laws and Annual Records; manage PTA correspondence, both incoming and outgoing. Sign warrants and compile agendas.


TREASURER- Keep permanent records of all financial transactions and manage PTA funds; prepare monthly financial report and present at all PTA General Meetings, prepare annual PTA budget, reconcile bank statements, prepare and file annual IRA tax return (using an outside agent), remit payment for dues, bills and reimbursements, prepare annual financial report. (General accounting knowledge helpful).


FINANCIAL SECRETARY – Collect, count and deposit all monies collected from all PTA events and fundraisers; handle collection of payment and fines on all NSF checks.


HISTORIAN - Assembles and preserves the record of activities and achievements of the PTA and assists the president in preparing the Annual Report; collects and report volunteer hours to Council.


AUDITOR – Audit books and records of the unit semi-annually, make needed recommendations or corrections; present audit report at PTA General Meetings in October and February; ensure the membership that the association’s resources and funds are being managed in a businesslike manner within the regulations established for their use.


PARLIAMENTARIAN – Attend all meetings and give advice on parliamentary procedures as needed according to Robert’s Rules and the Bylaws of Weaver PTA; keep all meetings moving in a smooth and timely matter; call meeting of the Nominating Committee; review the bylaws annually, chair the Bylaws Review Committee and formally review the Bylaws and submit to Council/State every 2-3 years. This position is appointed, not elected.