New Weaver Parents


Welcome to Weaver, a great place to learn!  Jack L. Weaver Elementary School takes great pride in it’s dedicated teachers and staff, numerous state and national recognitions, and active volunteer community.  There are many opportunities for parents and volunteers to become involved in our children’s school community such as: 


Weaver PTA: PTA is the largest national organization of its kind dedicated to advocacy on the behalf of children and public schools.  Everyone is welcome to join, including parents, relatives, teachers, and staff. 


PTA is run by many volunteers who juggle family and work in an effort to benefit our children’s school.  Please look around this site, there are many things YOU can do to help from your home, office, or on campus.


Los Alamitos Education Foundation (LAEF): LAEF is a community partner providing significant funding to the Los Alamitos School District in critical areas impacting students and provides education enrichment opportunities for all students.  For more information, visit their website.


Kindergarten Liaison – The Kindergarten Liaison is a parent volunteer who is available to assist incoming Kindergarten families.  This years liason is Berent Burke, Erin Zinzer, and Cyndi Gold


Other Helpful Information – Below is helpful information about frequently asked questions.  Additional detailed information about school policies can be found in the Weaver Student Handbook.


Parking – The parking lot adjacent to the Kindergarten area is for staff parking only. This is not a drop off lot and will be closed to all car traffic.


Limited parking is available in the main lot at the front of the school on Wembley Street in any unmarked parking spot.   Parking is also available on the streets surrounding the school.  Please do not block homeowners’ driveways.  Also, street sweeping occurs every first and third Monday and any car parked on the streets on these days will be ticketed.


Drive-thru Dropoff/Pickup – Students may be dropped off and picked up at the circular driveway in the Wembley parking lot at the front of the school. Cars may only enter the lot via a right turn from Wembley Street.  Left turns from Wembley Street into the parking are NOT  For safety purposes, students MUST exit the vehicle from the passenger side of the car onto the school curb.  Please do not drop off students on the street or in traffic. 


To Help the Movement of Traffic:

  • Please pull as far forward as possible.
  • Keep only one lane of traffic.
  • Do not double park.
  • Please say good-byes before you drop off your children and exit immediately.


Late to School – Students who arrive late to school MUST check in at the main office.


Volunteering – All volunteers MUST sign in at the main office and wear a badge while on campus for every volunteer shift.