Calling all Superheroes!

Let's celebrate readers as superheroes! The program is intended to provide incentives for our young readers to read more. There have been some CHANGES to the program. Read on…...

  • Capes are for TK/K through 3rd grade students only.
  • 4th and 5th graders will receive a key chain instead.

Rules to enter for a drawing of Capes/Key Chains - 

  • Every student who turned in a reading log with 400 minutes or more will be placed in a drawing per grade level.  
  • One student per class will be selected automatically by an online drawing. They will then be called to get a cape/key chain during the flag ceremony.  
  • The students will stay on the stage to take a quick picture. Superheroes will also stay on stage rather than high five.
  • Students will also be able to select books from the book cart during recess on that day.

Win extra recess time for your class

  • Every student who turned in a log will be placed in a drawing
  • One student from each grade level will be selected by an online drawing to win extra recess time for their class. More participants in the class increase the chance to win.

End of the year special Reading Incentive assembly

  • Each student who participated and completed 400 min EVERY month but did not get their name drawn will receive a cape/key chain and pick a book.
  • Each student who may have completed 400 min at least once and participated every month will receive a medal or certificate (TBD)
  • Each student who participated will receive a participation certificate


Each month the reading superheroes will make an appearance during the flag ceremony and announce the winners.




Please contact Juliet Evans or Indu Balakrishnan with any questions about Reading Incentive.